Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Boy In Striped Pyjamas

From Berlin to 'Out-with'
Bruno's family took a flight
The job of a commandant
in his fathers sight

Young and innocent
bruno didn't have a clue
to know that his father
was against the Jew

'Out-with' was desolated
with no other houses near
all he did was
get bored here

Bruno looked through the window
He saw people pale and lean
They all wore the same striped clothes
they weren't even clean

Bored out of his mind,
Bruno decided to explore,
A fence came in view,
And saw a boy named Shmuel sitting on the floor.

Bruno came to meet Shmuel everyday
And he became his best friend
Bruno always got him something to eat
And they talked for hours on end

One day Bruno had to leave “Out-with”
So they decided to have one last adventure
He told Shmuel to get the striped clothes
So they could find Shmuel’s missing father

Bruno’s parents searched high and low
They cried in despair;
they found his clothes outside the fence
And smoke in the air.