Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ice cream.....

Ice cream is my favorite food

Chocolate chip,crunchy crunch bar
Vanilla,strawberry,are my favorite so far!

Nuts,cherries,is all that I dream
Give me an Ice cream, every time I scream.

Ever thought,how do we get it?
Who gets the milk and who sets it?

Thanks to the big cow for buckets of milk,
which makes every scoop as soft as silk

Hats off to the men who ship the milk so wanted
and the men who churn n freeze it ,undaunted

The yummy delectable ice cream reaches the grocery
And becomes the queen of the grocer's treasury

The very sight of it makes me crazy
Before it,everything else becomes hazy

Ice creams give me a crave attack
For them I can give up any snack

God is great,God is good
Thank you God for this lovely food!

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