Friday, August 24, 2012


Here are some of the thing’s we like to do
There are many more
But these are the one
That we adore.

I love to eat and drink,
So does my friend.
We watch all kinds of movies,
To our heart’s content.

Our friendship is like a Ghost,
Whose soul never dies.
Our friendship is like an owl,
Who is both beautiful and wise.

We dance like crazy,
Yes we do!
We do karaoke shows.
And act like some baby animal needs rescue.

We keep on jumping,
On our trampoline.
It looks like we are touching the sky,
We even crash with each other in between.

We are soul sisters
Love white
And hate weekdays
You get it right!

It’s been a week,
We have been away.
She will be back in a month
And that too on my birthday.

Through miles may lie between us,
We’re never far apart.
For friendship doesn't count the miles,
It’s measured by the heart.


  1. lovely poem Gamini...well done..your writing style is improving day by day....THUMBS UP!!! KEEP IT UP