Thursday, May 24, 2012

“Important Invention’

Use of Clay tablets started in bronze age,
Dating back to 4000 BCE and even before.
Clay tablets were used as medium for writing,
Provide the historian to discover and explore.

Pigeons could take messages far and near,
Pigeon post is as old as history of 2000 years.
Pigeons were used during war as well as peace,
Pigeons are friendly birds most useful and dear.

Samual Morse was the telegraph inventor,
Year 1836, the telecommunication was to enter.
Make and break was converted into dash and dot,
It helped people communicate far distances apart
“Mr. Watson - Come here - I want to see you",
Were first words spoken by Dr. Bell on phone.
The inventor had worked so hard to transmit,
Voice over electric signal, no one had known.

While Marconi is credited with radio invention in 1896,
Edwin Armstrong developed in 1902 Radio broadcast.
We love listening to news, stories and music on radio,
Enjoy it all while resting, walking slowly or running fast.

Edwin Belin transmitted distant images in 1920,
He became the forerunner of modern television.
TV became commonplace after 2nd World War
Lots of entertainment and news for making decision.

Computer is the mother of all modern inventions,
It impacts our life and changed our world forever.
There are more microchips than human beings,
To help us compute, learn and have fun whatever. 

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