Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Magical Wreath

There was a girl named Jane
With shining hair
And rosy cheeks
So easy to tame

Walking through the woods
She chanced upon a dog
The furry little creature
Left her agog.

The howling animal
Moved her to tears,
She went closer
Without terror or fear.

The magic of her hands,
Allayed the dog’s pain
Much to the glee
of the plain Jane.

A little man,
with magical powers,
blessed the girl
With a wreath of flowers.

The wreath so unusual
Became the talk of the town.
In it, nestled blue birds
Like in the king’s crown.

The news spread
far and wide
it stirred imagination
as people watched it with pride

The much-talked wreath
Caught the prince’s attention
He was all eyes
With a lot of suspicion

The winsome girl
And the tinkle in her laughter,
Won the prince’s heart
And they lived happily ever after.

1 comment:

  1. Outstanding Gamini.....well-written...keep it up..

    Shivani Ma'am