Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Dark Night

I'm going to find the light,
In such a dark night.
I know it won't be easy,
like lemon squeeze.

Oh my! am I lost,
at such a great cost.
I hope I find my way,
through the jungles getaway.

Alvarado is my destination,
I will risk my life for every duration.
I will find the light,
and trust me I will light

Oh my! I have found my destination,
after a long preparation
I guess, no one has ever been,
to this magical place that I've seen.

My mystery has been solved,
like a piece of a puzzle resolved.
Now I can rest in peace,
with my little niece.


  1. This poem tells you about an explorer who is passionate about exploring different places. Now here he is determined to find Alvarado. The legend of El Dorado had been a dream of treasure hunters in the last few hundred years. A dream about a city filled with gold. Is El Dorado is only a fairy tale? Or the lost city of gold is a fact that was lost?